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It appears that the huge fake news planet is up to its old tricks once again, but when you take a moment and look under the hood, the ultimate straw-man Alt Coin boogieman is at it again folks.

The millions of people around the world who have decided to get involved with the innovative and advanced Onecoin concept, which is not another Alt Coin, have been subject to this sort of con for years now and this one is even more juicy than most hit pieces against Onecoin.

Bitcoin Magazine is not a usual player in the full tilt bashing of Onecoin, but that has appeared to change with this utter vomit which I will explain.

Onecoin Is Not Alt Coin

There is no reason to regurgitate the normal doom and gloom rhetoric by the Bitcoin extremist community because it is old and mostly fake news and this article is dull at best. I am assuming that the person responsible for this paragraph simply thinks that the world is not capable to ascertain BULLSHIT when they see it. The person who wrote this is Mriganka Pattnaik Associate at Luno, which is basically a survey outfit that doesn’t actually include any facts about their in house survey. Simply, they throw up a few numbers that will make the Bitcoin Magazine readers happy, but refuse to add the survey details like how many people were surveyed, when were they surveyed, who was surveyed, comparison of areas of survey, etc etc etc…. get my point ?  FAKE NEWS

“We’ve done this survey in a few other countries as well, so a lot of trends were similar across countries. Most of the results point to the fact that bitcoin adoption and usage is increasing everywhere,” Mriganka Pattnaik, Countries Associate at Luno, told Bitcoin Magazine.  Article Source

Now, Mr Pattnaik did his very best in putting Bitcoin in the best light possible because if it wasn’t in the best light possible, this article would not have been published on the Bitcoin Magazine website. This is where its gets awfully dicey for this survey expert pimp.

“Schemes like these have “tarnished the reputation of the Bitcoin industry as a whole,” said Pattnaik.”

Let that sink in brother because what he is saying is that Alt Coins & Onecoin has somehow and some mystical way have tarnished the Bitcoin industry. First, I did not know Bitcoin had its own industry, but that is not what burned my biscuit when I read his version of fake news about Onecoin and the Alt Coin market.

Mr. Pattnaik, how in holy hell has Alt Coin and Onecoin tarnished the reputation of Bitcoin ? I can really rail this fool, but this picture sums it up. If Alt Coins and Onecoin have tarnished Bitcoin in any way wouldn’t you think it would have showed up on a Bitcoin price chart ? fake news at its best…

alt coin

Beam Me Up From FAKE NEWS !

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