Are The Onecoin Gloves Finally Off


Let me preface this article in the best light I possibly can because there hasn’t been an official response from the company concerning this information yet. Allegedly, Onecoin counsel has served a threatening letter to Bitcoin Norway to clean up his act or legal action will proceed. On his website he has gone “All In” against Onecoin and it appears he is not capitulating at this time. He claims that someone contacted him (other than Onecoin) to help them with the blockchain. The video is very odd, vague and it seems as though Mr Bitcoin Norway is being held hostage or something..

Mr Bjercke is claiming that he is compelled to bring down Onecoin/Onelife as some sort of fraud without one bit of evidence apparently other than his opinion on the matter. He has also instructed his army of Bitcoin Activists to further muddy the waters and possibly commit crimes to try and hurt UNO-COIN. At least everyone knows now who is the mastermind behind the enormous online push to denigrate and diminish the Onecoin brand.

There is also an active way of supporting me without money. I have a team that has been successful in the past at taking down OneCoin/OneLife Youtube channels that were official channels. Just look up a OneCoin video like Tom McMurrain’s New Currency University and report it as SCAM. Same goes for Onecoin/OneLife official Youtube channels. Our team really need your help right now. If many people do this we can take them down. Ultimately stopping them stealing people’s money like the criminals that they are.”    Article Source

Anti-Onecoin Hero Has Risen

It appears as though the Bitcoin community finally has there “Guy” to be the front man or the fall guy to take on Dr Ruja, but something seems off to me. This guy seems to be a very knowledgeable bloke when it comes to de-centralized cryptocurrency with an open source blockchain, but how does that extensive knowledge equate to a private blockchain that Onecoin developed that he knows utterly nothing about ?? According to Mr. Bitcoin Norway himself, he was never offered the huge amount of money that was portrayed on the Bitcoin Butt-wipe blogs. He obviously did not take the job (if it was ever offered – which Onecoin claims is BS) so how would he know the inner dealing of the Onecoin blockchain if he was never privy to it ??

It seems to me that the Bitcoin community is far more concerned about the huge numbers of people piling into the Onecoin concept and the obvious growth potential it offers compared to the forky stale Bitcoin. One would think the ramp up of price Bitcoin has enjoyed the past year would have these types giddy with joy and cashing in big time, but they all seem to be more focused on taking down Onecoin/Onelife instead. I am sure the wealthy few who run Bitcoin and orchestrate its price will support Mr. Bitcoin Norway and maybe we will finally see the gloves come off against this Bitcoin disease.

There are nefarious actors in every corner of this earth, and some might have wiggled their way into the Onelife family somehow and I am sure they will be dealt with accordingly, but it is funny how the Bitcoin Activists always notice the spec in Onecoin’s eye when they have a board hanging out of its eye. There are just too many Bitcoin frauds, scams and hacks to even mention here because it would take thousands of pages to mention.

Just Google “Bitcoin Scam”  576,000 results

Beam Me Up !

*I am an independent marketing associate of Onelife and all information, writings and opinions on this blog are mine alone with zero connection to the company Onecoin or Onelife unless directly sourced by company.*

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