Bitcoin Fork While Onecoin Grows

bitcoin fork

I know the first Bitcoin fork is in the books and the next one is already on deck in a few months. Trying to fix an old archaic day trading cryptocurrency is not going to be easy but the greedy minors and developers will do just about anything to keep this sham going. You would think the sky rocketing price of Bitcoin would attract merchants and investors around the world, but sadly that is not the case at all. In fact, Bitcoin is being dropped by merchants and is not even a blip on the screen for normal people. It has inherently turned into constant content for fake news blogs. In my opinion Bitcoin has evolved into a tightly knit samurai day trading vehicle for deep pocket types to use their ultra fancy Bitcoin robots to manipulate and influence the slim shady thin market.

Bitcoin Fork Is Telling

I am not an expert in the Bitcoin Fork or all the technical jargon coming from the Bitcoin community, but I do have just enough handle on what is happening to ask a question.

  1. I thought Bitcoin was anonymous and there is no central company/agency/group/government that has any power over the decentralized Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Blockchain ? Yep, more bullshit from the bullshit society of Bitcoin. It appears a central group of miners/developers have a definitive impact on the direction of Bitcoin and have ability to create new digital currencies at their leisure. The Bitcoin community rail constantly about Onecoin because their is a committed reputable company behind the centralized Digital Currency, but what would you call the people calling all the shots behind Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Forks ?  thugs/madoffs/criminals/manipulators/slim shadys/greed mongers/bankers/day traders   what ?

I believe that these mythical forks are a desperate attempt to keep this sham chugging along because the truth is that Bitcoin was never meant to be a world currency, more like a digital game which is very easily manipulated by deep pockets. In November there will be THREE versions of Bitcoin.

If you think Bitcoin is anonymous and is run by supply/demand only your not too bright ! The forking action of the Bitcoin ruling class is showing you just how CENTRALIZED Bitcoin actually is.

Onecoin Steady As She Goes

You can read the non-stop trashing of Onecoin by the Bitcoin blogs any given day with regurgitated fake news, but the fact is that thousands pile into Onecoin every single day and the e-commerce Dealshaker grows larger and larger by the minute. Is there a central website that sells thousands and thousands of products and services where you can use Bitcoin ?  NO

Dr. Ruja Ignatova has clearly built a better digital currency mousetrap and the company drive and commitment to build the merchant base who use Onecoin as currency is exactly what Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are lacking severely. The popularity of digital currency and the potential Onecoin 2018 IPO on a major Asian stock exchange bodes well for the strong digital currency.

Beam Me Up Buttercup Onecoin Is Going Public !!

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