Cryptocurrency Investment Club

cryptocurrency investment club

I have been following and investing in crytocurrency for several years and even bought my first Bitcoin for $4.54 on Mt. Gox exchange. When it started climbing I began selling immediately not knowing what I was doing and it turned out to be the biggest financial mistake of my life. That is a long story for another day, but since that time I have been searching for a cryptocurrency investment club to join to have exposure in crypto coins and a place where I can be involved with the decision making in the club. I am not very comfortable with the huge swings up/down with many of the digital coins and wanted to own a basket of them if I could and that is what lead me to Juntocoin.

No Hype Cryptocurrency Investment Club

During my tireless search to find a cryptocurrency investment club that was void of hype, but long on ideas and interaction I was undoubtedly disappointed until I found Juntocoin. I will admit I am big fan of Gold and Silver in any portfolio so when I found out that the Juntocoin was the first digital coin to be backed by Silver, I promptly began to find out everything about it and the interesting person behind the idea.

As you will see in the video below, Ernie is a NO HYPE kind of guy which is a must when it comes to the digital currency emerging market. Big talk and big hype is usually what is on the menu when people start talking about this new exciting market. Ernie and the idea he has with Juntocoin is to create a crowd-sourced cryptocurrency investment club to slice through the hype and to collaborate with the club to create a portfolio to be reckoned with. The club is in its infancy now but will be expanding very soon.

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