Current Bitcoin Price Is Pure Clown Show

current bitcoin price

Have you been watching the digital currencies explode lately ? The current Bitcoin price is a real clown show today with spikes and drops that would take the wind out of any sailor. Of course we are going to hear from the Bitcoin Extremists that the reason price is rising is because Japan now sees Bitcoin as an asset or something. My question to that load of fake news is WHY IS ALL DIGITAL CURRENCIES RISING THAN ? For whatever reason, and I do not think it is all syndicate day trading firms doing this cheap trick, there has been some real juice going into all cryptocurrency. I hope this is all sustainable but it looks very balloon-ish to me padre !

I Am Shorting Current Bitcoin Price

I have decided to short a bit of Bitcoin at $2175  (5/22/2017 about 3pm est.) and I am fully prepared to get stopped out of this if the currency Bitcoin price clown show continues, but I am banking that this goofy action is about to end shortly. For those interested I have a stop set in the 2350 area. The goofball Bitcoin crazies are starting to shout that Bitcoin is “going to the moon” & “next stop $5000” which is a trigger for me to pull back from the hype and do the opposite. Remember when Gold was priced at $1800 and the Gold Heads were screaming its heading to $3000 and Gold & Silver commercials were on 24/7 ? Yep, this current Bitcoin price is clownish and will drop and drop hard.

Trade Update: trade went down hard as I anticipated and moved my stop to $2150 and got stopped for small gain.. Buyers on all dips on all cryptocurrencies right now.. Be careful shorty !!

The Bitcoin community will try and take responsibility for the crazy digital currency boom of 2017, but I do not see that at all. Bitcoin, in my opinion is simply the backdrop to this exciting event. There is a definitive entrance into this market and Bitcoin is just going along for the ride. The fact is that for the first time ever Bitcoin is less than half the market for all digital currenciesOf course there will be a market for Bitcoin and its ultra limited digital currency in the form of day trading programs for wealthy traders dodging the Tax Man, but there are some serious cryptocurrencies around the world that have a lot more going for it than Bitcoin. You can also ascertain that massive amounts of people are shuffling out of other markets and getting into cryptocurrency, but that is not the case right now because most markets are in huge bull markets.

Smart money is buying ALL CRYPTOS at the moment, but how did that smart money get so smart ? Did you ever consider that Bitcoin might be a product of the elite and not the alleged anonymous world currency alternative it purports to be ? Just think for a moment, these elite nation wrecker central banker scum have screwed up so much shit and created so much debt out of thin air that there “BIG OUT” might be in the cryptocurrency tea leaves.. who really knows..

Something big coming soon chappy, i can feel it..

Beam Me Up I’m Short Bitcoin 🙂

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