Dr Ruja Ignatova Is Going To Jail Says Fake News

dr ruja ignatova

Well, that is what the latest headline from the Bitecoin website espoused. I have long ago pledged myself to avoid reading these slanted one sided websites for this reason. It is just another example of fake news dramatizing a situation to create news instead of reporting correct news about Dr Ruja Ignatova. What the sleazy Bitecoin site should have headlined should have been something like this instead of inserting fake news.

Indian Police Prepare Charges Against Bad Acting Onecoin Reps For Stealing

At this point nobody knows exactly what is going on with the Indian Police situation and in my opinion it could easily be more fake news for all we know. Until I see something from the company it is prudent in this fake news environment to assume all these Burpcoin blogs and sites are fake. It is obvious they will write anything to put Onecoin in a negative light. I am sure Dr Ruja Ignatova is on the side of the law if reps in her company did not follow the IMA agreement and did something nefarious. Heck, the Indian Police should be commended in flushing out people who steal. Yep, I hate a thief...

These online blogs and sites are like the Washington Post who come out with nothing but negative news about Trump every single day, but when Obama was in office the reporting over at that liberal rag was always positive. Sad times in the US and H.L. Mencken is turning in his grave where the news business has gone.

Dr Ruja Ignatova Is Leading 3.2 Million Members

Having an active 3.2 million network members mining Onecoin right now and over 15 million people who have joined Onecoin and who are not mining the coin, I think Dr Ruja Ignatova is doing a heck of a job keeping the bad apples to a shockingly minuscule number. Once again, until the bad apples and their crimes are official and the company responds, this hombre is calling fake news.

Lets Have Some Fun With Fake News Sites ­čÖé

If I sign an agreement with Verizon to pay $99 per month for cell phone service and I decide I do not want to pay or can’t pay anymore and I end up in collections for not holding up my part of the agreement does that mean VERIZON IS A PONZI SCHEME ?

If I decide to sell stolen Gibson Guitars and things didn’t go well and I was arrested and had to go to prison, does that make GIBSON GUITARS A SCAM ?

If I decided to not honor my mortgage agreement with my mortgage company does that in any way turn the mortgage company into a corrupt scam company ?

If a person decides to hack a string of hospitals in the UK and demand Bitcoin ransom payments to unlock locked files, does that make Bitcoin a ponzi scam ?

If I sign a contract with Direct TV for service, but don’t honor the contract and find a way to steal service without Direct TV knowing but got caught, does that make Direct TV a scam company ?

So, if people who signed an agreement with Onecoin and be an IMA with terms and conditions and did not honor the agreement and decided to break the law and rob people, does that make Onecoin and  Dr Ruja Ignatova a criminal ?

Very fun debunking crumb fake news sites…

Beam Me Up From Fake News !

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