Is OneCoin A Scam ?

is onecoin a scam

Isn’t it extremely odd that most new and innovative things that get released to the public are immediately classified as a scam ? When you ask is OneCoin a scam or not, it is important to be fair and understand where exactly these calls of being a scam are coming from. When you break down where all the naysayers are coming from you will quickly see how and why these people do what they do.

I remember very clearly back in 2009 when BitCoin was launched that this new innovation was a scam and would not work. In fact, most of the articles I read about the block chain and BitCoin were negative. Thankfully, I did not listen to the PC crowd and all the talking heads who think they know it all. I moved forward and learned about the technology and decided to buy BitCoin in the $4-$6 range and did quite well. It is obvious now that ALL the rhetoric that came from the naysayers were wrong headed. Check out this BitCoin chart that is proof to their ignorance. I advise you to do your homework and find out the facts about any new innovative product before moving forward. I implore all my team members to study everything about OneCoin and join for free. You can join OneCoin and examine the entire operation without spending a single dime.

OneCoin Is Not A Traditional MLM

What scares many people off when they start doing their research about cryptocurrency and OneCoin is that it is a MLM company and most people, especially in the United States, immediately close their minds and move on. I fully understand the knee jerk reaction because there are plenty of junk in the MLM community, but OneCoin is extremely different. OneCoin IS NOT an MLM company first, they are simply using network marketing to advertise the OneCoin opportunity. OneCoin is a cryptocurrency that will change the way people use money and the driving force behind this coin is value and opportunity of growth. That is why when you purchase an education package and start mining OneCoin there is ZERO monthly commitment that most MLM companies require. You are also no required to build a team or recruit anyone if you do not want to. If you want to there is bonuses and commissions involved if that is your desire but not required. The most important difference in traditional MLM companies and OneCoin is that when you join an MLM you must buy product or services every month or sell something to earn commissions, but with OneCoin you do not have to do anything after you mine the OneCoin and you have growing asset without doing anything other than mining OneCoin. That is the the US has designated major cryptocurrency as a commodity. As you can see OneCoin is nothing like your traditional hazy MLM company and if people would simply do a bit of homework they will not ask is OneCoin a scam because they will know that OneCoin is the furthest thing from a scam.

So, is OneCoin a scam or not ?

It is hip and trendy to call everything a scam these sad days and it is no different to ask is OneCoin a scam or not. Like I tell everyone is too to not be lazy and dig finding out everything about OneCoin because I have not seen a massive opportunity like this since 2009 when BitCoin hit the market. This is a perfect video that will inform you about why some people call everything a scam. FYI, the naysayers said Microsoft, Intel, Google, etc. were scams also. Know exactly where you are getting your information about the fastest company to be a billion dollar company in history because there are many who want to tear it down.

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