Make Money & Save Money With CoinSafe

OneCoin constantly offers more and more opportunities for growth to its clients.

We start 2016 with the most valuable offer today – CoinSafe! A unique product, giving you the chance to earn from both the rising value of the coin and the earnings you accumulate when you join CoinSafe!

Save money, make money with CoinSafe!

What Is CoinSafe?

CoinSafe is the latest OneCoin product giving you the chance to earn an interest on the balance of your coins besides what you earn from the rising value of the coin!

How Does It Work?

Block the balance of your coins today and earn more!

  • Earn 12% on your coin balance for 24 months
  • Earn 11% on your coin balance for 18 months
  • Earn 10% on your coin balance for 12 months

You decide whether to deposit your new coins or not. We made it easier for you to choose – to join CoinSafe, just tick the box when depositing your coins and the system will take care for it. It’s as simple as that!

What Happens When the Deposit Period Ends?

When the deposit period ends the amount of coins in your account reflects the change in value of the coin plus the CoinSafe earnings.

CoinSafe will be automatically renewed under the same conditions for another 6 months unless you request to terminate it when your deposit period is over.

Get +1%: An Exclusive, Time-Limited Offer for Tycoon & Premium Packages Only!

Get 1% above the specified rates with our EXCLUSIVE TIME-LIMITED offer only for Tycoon and Premium packages! The promotion is for a period of 15 days! Join Today!

The ticker will show you the time left before the offer is terminated!

Why Should I Join?

OneCoin has been established with the purpose of revolutionizing the world of finances by offering unique opportunities to its clients! CoinSafe is your chance to take advantage of an opportunity no other company is able to offer. First, because the value of the coin goes up since OneCoin was founded. Only in one year the value of the coin has risen over 5 times from 0,50 EUR in January 2015 to 3,35 EUR in December 2015! Second, because with CoinSafe you will be able to profit on top of your coins in a mere 12 to 24 months! Take your future in your own hands with OneCoin!

A real life story with bitcoin will help you better understand the concept of the rising value of cryptocurrency coins:

If you remember, the Huffington post published in October 2013 the unbelievable story of a Norwegian man, who bought 5000 bitcoins for $26 in 2009 while writing his master thesis and researching Bitcoin. In 2013 he remembered the bitcoins he bought because of the publicity regarding the rocket high value of the bitcoin and checked his investment. The value of his bitcoins raised to $850 000 in the start of 2013, when he made a withdrawal. If he had waited until the end of 2013, he would have withdrawn over $1 Million! This is the incredible story of Kristoffer Koch from Norway. Whether it will be your story, only the future can tell…

If you live outside the United States you can JOIN HERE and learn everything about Coinsafe and Onecoin for free.

If you live inside the United States you can JOIN MAILING LIST and I will contact you the minute the doors open again.

I am an independent marketing associate of Onelife and my writings and opinions are mine only and nothing to do with Onelife or Onecoin.

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