Moyn and Monir Islam Tell NO LIES

Moyn and Monir Islam

If you have been around the Onecoin/Onelife growth and development for as long as I have it is impeccably clear why one of the most successful players (Islam Brothers) in the Onelife network marketing arm is halting its operations. According to Moyn and Monir Islam they have decided to not market the Onecoin opportunity through the Onelife network because they no longer have the “belief in the company” and can not promote like they use to.

Moyn and Monir Islam Make NO SENSE

Let me get this straight Mr. Islam Bro’s, you both have a colossal network of 26,000 people in their down-line making them ungodly amounts of mooh-la I presume. Both of these serial network marketers are among the largest earners in the company with a dedicated team of followers allegedly, but they “wanted everyone to know the decision to leave Onelife was not done by Moyn and Monir Islam only, but it was done by a collective force“.    article source

I have no way of knowing for sure, but this event sure does not pass the sniff test for this hombre’. First, if you had an enormous down-line making a ton of money, and you have been promoting the innovative Onecoin concept non-stop for 15 months, why would you decide to cut bait and quit unless you were escorted to the exit ? Furthermore, with the Onecoin eco-system starting to really make progress with the successful dealshaker launch and the promised Onecoin IPO that is set to happen in early to mid 2018, and the much anticipated OneForex launch that is already in beta testing, I think and it is my opinion that Moyn and Monir Islam may have been in violation of the IMA agreement all Onelife reps need to adhere to because quitting at a time when the company is thriving is absurd.

If you need anymore proof that Moyn and Monir Islam were thrown to the curb you simply need to read their very telling comments about Dr. Ruja’s vision.

It is a true fact that we won’t be networking for OneLife, however we believe in Doctor Ruja’s vision.”

Who knows what these clowns were caught up in, but them quitting something that they obviously believe in, make a ton of money in, and have one of the largest down-lines in, leads a sound mind to ascertain that they were forced out.

We believe in the coins, this is why we still have our accounts. We still have the coins.”

Their post claimed that they do not have the belief going forward to promote Onecoin, however, they believe in the coins and still have coins ? Really ? Absurd I Tell Ya…

It is important that you understand that we don’t believe in OneLife as building a long-term network marketing business, however we believe in OneCoin (because that’s where our money is tied up).

The contradiction by these blokes is comical and the proverbial horse manure is getting deep sir..need bigger boots for this one. So, lets recap shall we, these silly cats have made a lot of money building a large team. I assume they are continuing to make large recurring commissions and bonuses by this large team. They probably have many Onecoins that can easily be swapped for Onecoin IPO certificates. They can also use those Onecoins to purchase thousands and thousands of products and services on Dealshaker. The OneForex platform is in Beta stage and will be a huge part of the Onecoin eco-system. Why You Leaving Bro ?

You will undoubtedly hear from the online tabloid rags that Moyn and Monir Islam jumped ship because the Onecoin ship is sinking, but the facts reveal the truth. Fact is Onecoin/Onelife has never been stronger and more committed to its members and leaving abruptly for contradicting confusing reasons is hilarious.

Unless otherwise noted and facts reveal themselves in a different light, Moyn and Monir Islam were axed from the Onelife Network for whatever reason in my humble opinion. Slim Shady types will not be tolerated and if they were the Slim Shady types trying to make a fast buck, I am glad they were escorted out of the much respected Onelife Network. Lord knows we have a bunch of them types in other Digital Currencies.

If it walks like a duck…. you know the rest..

Beam Me Up !!

*I am an independent marketing associate of Onelife and all information, writings and opinions on this blog are mine alone with zero connection to the company Onecoin or Onelife unless directly sourced by company.*

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