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onecoin dealshaker

If your visiting my blog for the first time and you have concerns about your Onecoin and how to use them before the launch of the Onecoin IPO & the opening of the XCOINX exchange, do not fret because the Onecoin Dealshaker E-commerce platform is rocking and rolling friend.

Onecoin Dealshaker Expo Success

With an astounding 200 brick and mortar dealers accepting Onecoin at the expo it is simple to see the progression of the Onecoin Dealshaker platform. Using the Onecoin in a meaningful way prior to the official launch of the actual coin going public in 2018 has been the corner stone of much of the negative press we read online, but that angle has been crushed by the exploding Dealshaker deal platform. At last check there were over 35k registered businesses accepting Onecoin with tens of thousands of products and services offered to the exclusive Onecoin/Onelife network.

Problems With Dealshaker Are Correcting

After the Onecoin Dealshaker was released a few months back it was honestly a bit confusing and some of the items were not priced correctly when you consider each Onecoin is worth 12.45 Euro. The price is set by the company in concert with the demand of the promotional tokens that are in mining. I would rather an open market type market exchange like Bitcoin and others to gauge the real value of Onecoin but the company is still private and this will happen next year. Who knows, maybe the price being quoted by the company right now may be far below what each Onecoin will eventually be worth on a public exchange. We will have to wait and see poncho !!

What I did decipher going through the plethora of deals offered on Dealshaker is that many of the deals that were seemingly over priced when the platform was launched has changed their pricing dramatically. I guess when you offer a product at an extremely high price the market responds by little to no deals. Some of the deals which are perceived “value” by the customer is getting scooped up faster than the price of Bitcoin these days. The Onecoin Dealshaker deal below is one that I was going to purchase a few months ago but the price seemed a bit much so I passed and this morning I just noticed the price was adjusted and the deal is almost sold out. I know Dealshaker is new and it will take some time to get all the annoying kinks out of the system, even though it is now a smooth ride using the platform, its nice to see the sellers of these deals bring their items and services down in price to attract more interest. Free market at its best I suppose.

FYI, this screen shot is from an item that use to be much more in price and only (2) coupons were sold at the time. Price adjustment and its selling like crazy…Hint Hint, Wink Wink sellers..

Dealshaker is rocking !


Beam Me Up A Good Dealshaker !

*I am an independent marketing associate of Onelife and all information, writings and opinions on this blog are mine alone with zero connection to the company Onecoin or Onelife unless directly sourced by company.*

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