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onecoin going public

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a Bitcoin Extremist  whatsoever, however, what has put them in a tizzy the past few weeks ? These Bitcoin activists, which I like to call “Fake News Crypto Bullshit Artists” have their panties in wad because Onecoin going public is incredibly hard for them to swallow. It is evident and abundantly clear that Bitcoin could not and will NEVER TRADE ON A STOCK EXCHANGE. Bitcoin will be relegated to shifty cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate the syndicate robot day trading schemes. Come on, who is really buying this $1900 $3000 $10000 price tag for a silly Bitcoin anyway ? Sure isn’t 95+ of the public that could never afford the price I can tell ya.

Onecoin Going Public Helps Bitcoin

You would think that the soaring price of Bitcoin, over $1900 per Bitcoin at the current time, would have every Bitcoin activist applauding with thunderous vigor. I mean lets deliver some REAL NEWS folks, why in holy hell would a bunch of so called Bitcoin professionals be concerned with Onecoin going public when the price of their digital coin (Bitcoin) is at an all time high and going higher ever second it appears ? I do not even have to source the FAKE NEWS blogs and websites because they are many and they all regurgitate the same fake news day in and day out. The main mantra is that the Bitcoin community of wankers want to “take down” Onecoin so it doesn’t hurt the industry and their Bitcoin can continue to ascend in value. That is total BULLSHIT and FAKE NEWS because if Onecoin was somehow hurting the other cryptocurrencies in any way, why in the heck is the entire digital currency market in the biggest bull market EVER right now in May 2017 ?

The Bitcoin Extremists should be thanking Onecoin, I mean literally, because this bull run has been epic either because of Onecoin or in spite of Onecoin. The truth is that these toads should stop using that mantra because it makes all of them appear low IQ. So, when you hear anti-Onecoin bunch claim they are going after Onecoin to protect the industry it is FAKE NEWS FOR SURE and more likely they are more concerned about the price of Bitcoin than anything else.

Check out this bad actor who has been shilling against Onecoin for years now….

The facts remain that ever since Dr. Ruja announced that Onecoin IPO will happen in early to mid 2018, Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies have launched into orbit without any signs of slowing down. Now, I would like to believe that Onecoin going public next year was the sole news that lead to the enormous moves the world is seeing right now, but I can’t say for certain. If you look at the time-line of the going public news and the exponential rise in all digital currency it is worth noting. Whether you want to hear it or not, Onecoin will finally put some integrity and value into this market when they are the first publicly traded digital currency on the stock market. Obviously, Bitcoin doesn’t have any books to open so to speak when it comes to company prospects, but Onecoin does and from the looks of things in my opinion it might be a very rosy picture indeed.

The army of FAKE NEWS BITCOIN RAGS are going to have a cow when Onecoin is listed on a major Asian Stock Exchange next year and I can not wait to see, hear and read the hissy fits by this bunch. Do you think the Bitcoin extremists are angry that they will not be the first one to be listed on a stock exchange even though they are the pioneer digital coin ?

Now is not the time yet to strike up the band and grab an expensive cigar, which I may do anyway, because there is some work to do to actually get listed on an Asian stock exchange, but boy has it been fun being involved with an idea and a concept that is REAL – ORIGINAL – NEEDED RIGHT NOW IN THE WORLD….

Beam Me Up Brother Onecoin Is Going Public !

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