OneCoin Network Year In Review

It is hard to believe that OneCoin is driving to its one year anniversary already, but its true. OneCoin has been successfully mining OneCoin for a full year. In its first year many things have changed around the world, and many more will change I suppose, but the driving determination to topple BitCoin as the top cryptocurrency has not waned even slightly. It may be safe to say that the OneCoin network is in a better position than any other digital currency on the planet and I will tell you why.

How Big Is The OneCoin Network ?

First, the OneCoin network has grown far faster then anyone in the digital market space. In one year the network has almost 830,000 members with a large majority of the them coming from China. This is significant because BitCoin is not allowed in China so it is crystal clear that this part of the world has an enormous appetite for the block chain driven OneCoin model. The aroma of OneCoin is starting to grab the world’s attention and with the US market getting ready to open one can imagine a big boost in OneCoin network members and price gain.

OneCoin Price

Second, the price of OneCoin has been steadily marching north since I joined in 2015 going from 50 cent to almost $4.50 in value as of 1/13/2016. OneCoin is a new cryptocurrency and the only exchange to buy and sell OneCoin is in the back office exchange. OneCoin has stated that they will be on several large Exchanges in the future for the public to buy and sell OneCoin. The company has stated that they want to have a significant amount of coins mined before they allow the public to begin trading them. If you look at the size of the OneCoin network and the amount of OneCoin already mined, it is safe to say that OneCoin is well on its way to be on a large exchange. Almost 500 million OneCoin have been mined already with a total of 2.1 Billion Coins which will be the total which will take a few years.

Why OneCoin Is Superior To BitCoin

Finally, and probably most important, OneCoin is being embraced by the world far more than the pioneer crypto-currency known as BitCoin for several reasons. Although the anonymous BitCoin has its advantages being totally anonymous, but is its biggest problem as well. In a world where most banks and credit cards companies require a “KYC” know your customer platform which OneCoin has, and that is impossible for Bitcoin because their is zero footprint. This is why the world banks and credit cards can not and will not embrace it because they have no idea where these BitCoins are coming from. OneCoin has already secured a Onecoin master card that is tied right into the OneCoin account. The vision of OneCoin is too have a block chain based cryptocurrency that is user friendly for everyone around the world and so far this approach has been a huge success.

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