Onecoin Press Release Reveals More Fake News

onecoin press release

A bevy of Onecoin press release articles have been added to the Onecoin official website. If is more crystal clear evidence that Onecoin is in a viscous unmitigated war with anti-onecoin factions on the internet. According to the Onecoin press release Marcelo Garcia Casil (CEO DXMarkets) furnished the company with information concerning the enormous and concerted effort to create “FAKE NEWS” in order to once again attack the company. DXMarkets integrates blockchain technology into enterprise-based financial processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Basically, the Bitcoin activists and their putrid obvious shill styled fake blogs suggested that Mr. Casil had questioned the existing technological capabilities supporting the OneCoin cryptocurrency. As you can see below the information espoused by the fake news anti-onecoiners is more garbage that needs to be exposed and eradicated.

“In recent days there has been publicity on the Internet suggesting that I have questioned the existing technological capabilities supporting the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Any such suggestion is false and misrepresents my position. The work my company was commissioned to undertake was designed to provide the company with an analysis and a proposal aiming towards a next generation solution and enhancement for the technology currently underpinning OneCoin’s operations. I refute any allegations that I had not seen the existing system, nor have I questioned the competence of OneCoin’s present arrangements to satisfy the current needs of the cryptocurrency.”  Press Release Source

The list of “FAKE NEWS” that has cascaded recently has been fast and furious. According to the biggest fake news blog the Onecoin Macau event was cancelled by the Chinese Government. It simply proves that this fake news site will print and post anything that is anti-onecoin even if the information is fake.

I Wonder what other fake news is on this online rag ??  article source

Onecoin Press Release Back Slaps Fake News

In the other Onecoin Press Release that hit the web today the new CEO of the company felt compelled to correct the record in regards to the “spate of hostile speculation and misinformation on the internet which needs to be countered and corrected.”   News Source

In a nutshell the “FAKE NEWS” that has hit the market recently with incomparable venom about the release of the “White Paper” at the recent Macau event needed to be addressed. Once again it looks as though the Onecoin team are indeed taking off the gloves when the fake news syndicates release their garbage. Just so this blog post doesn’t get to long in the tooth the press release stated that the company is thrilled and “wholly satisfied with the present technology” but wanted to provide the finest most enhanced technology for the future growth of the Onecoin Digital Currency. Sure seems like a good idea for the fastest growing network marketing company in history to me and millions of other happy members, however, the FAKE NEWS army tried to spin it into something misleading. One of the fake news items they hold dear to their hearts is that Onecoin does not even have a blockchain.

It sure looks like the FAKE BITCOIN NEWS BLOGS are being marked by the company like a hungry bear that just emerged from hibernation. Whats your next move ?

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