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With the successful launch of Dealshaker less than a year ago which is an innovative e-commerce platform that was built around the Onecoin digital currency, comes the much anticipated launch of the Oneforex educational products. From its interactive and attractive looking website to its meaningful product offerings, Oneforex is bringing much needed education to a difficult market.

Oneforex was created by Onecoin to deliver education to the masses in a huge market that sorely needs educating. Most people sidestep or avoid the currency markets because most people who try and trade it successfully usually fail miserably. The main reason for this is that the person entering the lucrative Forex markets are not nearly educated enough to compete. Remember, trading currencies is a zero sum game and that means someone has to lose for you to profit. This means that there are plenty of sharks trying extract money from your pocket and it would behoove you to be on top of your game and get educated properly.

Depending on the education you are looking for Oneforex developed several packages to educate the trader in being a competent trader in this very popular market.

Oneforex Trading Challenge

I have been trading the Forex market for more than 13 years and I know just how important it is to get yourself educated when it comes to Forex, or simply demo trade until you have a trading plan and have your emotions in good working order. When I heard about the 10k Challenge that was announced a few weeks ago I thought I would take my system and join the competition. For a very modest fee of 20 Euro the prize pool is enormous with a healthy 10K euro to the winner and 5k euro to second place. On top of that the competition is set for only a 7 day period so anything can happen with that short time span so that is why I took the plunge.

It has been 3 full days in the competition and I am not on the leader board yet but I am doing OK. The focus of the challenge appears to be an emphasis on education when it comes to this risky market. After I paid the 20 Euro it was a snap getting started and setting up the demo account.

Obviously, Onecoin has created a much needed product that will enhance the eco-system that its been building for a few years now. When you look at the digital currencies offered today that are void of any real intrinsic value, Onecoin has smashed that problem and delivers tons of value for the company and the coin holders.

Onecoin is set to launch a huge ICO and be publicly traded on October 8th 2018 !

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