Ransomware Criminals Want Bitcoin Pay Off

When you let the strikingly few Bitcoin day trading syndicates balloon the price of Bitcoin all hell appears to be breaking out around the world. A huge Ransomware attack that has been felt in over 90 countries thus far is currently bringing many many companies and organizations to an abrupt and unprecedented hacking halt. From the early information on the attack that I have read so far this attack is looking for ransom payouts in the extremely bloated anonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency to unlock sensitive files that have been swiped and encrypted by cyber criminals. These criminals are allegedly demanding $300 worth of Bitcoin to get their confidential files back. Ransomware is a particularly nasty infection that stops you from using your PC and demands money, in this case Bitcoins, to unlock the PC or files that have been hacked.

As you should already know Bitcoin is surrounded by a plethora of fake news bitcoin blogs so it has been a task to find actually real news on the subject.

Final update UK hospitals have effectively shut down and are turning away non-emergency patients after ransomware ransacked its networks.

Some 16 NHS organizations across Blighty – including several hospital trusts such as NHS Mid-Essex CCG and East and North Hertfordshire – have had their files scrambled by a variant of the WannaCrypt, aka WanaCrypt aka Wcry, nasty. Users are told to cough up $300 in Bitcoin to restore their documents.   Article Source


Bitcoin In The Middle Of Wanncrypt Ransomware Ripoff

Shadowy ransomware hackers are demanding their ransom from the even more shadowy Bitcoin digital currency and that lands the anonymous Bitcoin at the sphere of this worldwide hack. It appears that the very expensive slim shady digital currency known as Bitcoin was the perfect vehicle for these cyber criminals to use for their crime. Bitcoin has been sadly at the forefront of most the hacking events in the past and this latest hack is sure to put the government screws to them even further.

The obvious note here is that although Bitcoin was the pioneer of the blockchain driven digital currency, the telling truth is that Bitcoin is a haven for criminals and criminal activity like the world has seen today. When you allow an open source anonymous network to work without oversight of any kind, it is dripping with opportunity for hard core criminals to exploit it and plunder the digital currency into submission. If Bitcoin was able to administer a KYC (know your customer) policy, which it profoundly can’t, this horrible crime would have been impossible to pull off.

Of course the G7 does not have a clue who pulled off this ransomware crime or do they ? Of course this speculation, but in this world of fake news is there something else going on here ? This event did happen at the height of the ridiculous and frankly silly explosion of Bitcoin price.

All of a sudden the private, centralized, KYC standard, Onecoin blockchain is looking far superior to Bitcoin in virtually every single way 🙂

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