Ripple Price Soaring Bitcoin Falling

ripple price

It is no secret to most of the world that Bitcoin will not be the digital currency of the future by any stretch. Even many of the Bitcoin extremists realize that for a long list of reasons, however, it is a good vehicle to day trade. The Ripple price is going bandannas these days and Bitcoin is taking a back seat.

Centralized Crypto Ripple Price Launch

Just a few short years ago you could buy all the Ripple you wanted for under a penny and most of the online Bitcoin blogs would have called you crazy, but who is crazy now ? Another good reason to not listen to rogue blogs with an agenda. Do your own homework about everything.

The Ripple price increase has crashed the digital currency headlines the past few months because at over $2 it is leaving everyone in the dust and the world can not get enough of this centralized digital coin that actually has a CEO and company behind it… OH, what a concept..

Many of the hardcore cryptocurrency community do not look at Ripple as a legit digital currency because of its cozy relationship with banks and governments, but be that as it may, the Ripple price is telling the world that centralized digital currency just might be the true path of the future. Yes, Ripple is not a true currency in the sense you can use it to go buy something online or in a store, but it is however growing into a formidable currency exchange & remittance payment leader in the crypto space.

What Is Next For Ripple Price

The centralized digital currency Ripple is not in the back of the pack any longer and is the #2 Digital Currency in the world according to market cap. It appears that being in good standards and on solid ground with banks and governments around the world is exactly the right place to be looking into the future of cryptocurrencies. The shady days of Bitcoin and its endless forks and anonymous billionaires calling all the shots behind the seen may be coming to an end, and hopefully with its demise comes more centralized digital currencies that are not run like pirates on a stolen ship.

With the Ripple price exploding in recent months it is paving the way for other centralized digital currencies to move into the spotlight like Onecoin and others. With the announcement of Onecoin going public in October of 2018, Dr. Ruja Ignatova and her enormous network of miners of Onecoin will have a say in the centralized digital currency going forward. Many have thrown stones at Dr. Ruja personally, her company, her Onelife network and more importantly her concept and ideas surrounding Onecoin, but I do not think anyone is throwing those stones any longer.


*I am an independent marketing associate of Onelife and all information, writings and opinions on this blog are mine alone with zero connection to the company Onecoin or Onelife unless directly sourced by company.*

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