Digital Currency Shares On Stock Exchange

digital currency shares

When you think about the universe of Digital Currency and how it works and how it has evolved through the years people seem to be finally ready to embrace the concept. What better way to gain safe exposure to Cryptocurrency¬†than… Continue Reading


How To Regulate A Digital Currency Commodity

Digital Currency Regulation

It is very rare for me to give a thumbs up to the United States for their OVER-REGULATION tactics they have imposed on citizens of the US, and the world for that matter, but I must say they were ahead… Continue Reading


The Future Of Cryptocurrency Is Here

OneCoin Cryptocurrency future

When you look at the cryptocurrency landscape the way it sits today (Jan-2016) it is crystal clear that BitCoin is the clear cream of the crop as the pioneer in digital currency. Right now you can count hundreds of Cryptocurrencies… Continue Reading


Digital Assets Cryptocurrency Secure Huge Funding

cryptocurrency digital assets

As I scan the internet landscape for information about cryptocurrency and current news I was blown away by an article that was released today about funding for digital currency. I realize that digital currency, even with the massive explosion of… Continue Reading


Banks And Cryptocurrency

cryptocurrencies and banks

The financial services industry is dangerously complacent in its approach to digital money. Some of the major banks almost look like they fear technological change that promises greater transparency, efficiency and security at a lower cost. Too many industry players… Continue Reading