Dr Ruja Ignatova Is Going To Jail Says Fake News

dr ruja ignatova

Well, that is what the latest headline from the Bitecoin website espoused. I have long ago pledged myself to avoid reading these slanted one sided websites for this reason. It is just another example of fake news dramatizing a situation… Continue Reading


Cryptocurrency Leader OneCoin Climbs To 1.7 Million Members

With a vision of banking the unbankable and being the first centralized cryptocurrency leader, Dr. Ruja Ignatova has established OneCoin as a leading force for the future. The OneCoin network is breaking records daily with members that are joining from… Continue Reading


OneCoin Public Exchange

onecoin exchange

Onecoin is not listed on other public exchanges outside of xcoinx.com? ” Why? It’s because there are over 400 crypto currencies. Only a few are listed on each exchange. Onecoin hasn’t gone public for external trading yet. Onecoin trading is done… Continue Reading