Onecoin Press Release Reveals More Fake News

onecoin press release

A bevy of Onecoin press release articles have been added to the Onecoin official website. If is more crystal clear evidence that Onecoin is in a viscous unmitigated war with anti-onecoin factions on the internet. According to the Onecoin press… Continue Reading


Bitcoin Norway Nabbed As A Liar

bitcoin norway

It looks like Mr. Bitcoin Norway likes to tell tales and has a deliberate fork tongue to try and mislead people about the thriving and expanding opportunity of Onecoin. I rarely take much time to write about obvious Burpcoin Activist activities… Continue Reading


Blockchain Technology US Losing Again

blockchain technology

I know it is starting to get a bit redundant at this point, but the entire mantra “land of the free and home of the brave” thing needs to be retired forever. The United States is losing when it comes… Continue Reading


What Is Onelife Network About

what is onelife network

If you have landed on this blog I can assume you have been searching what is Onelife Network or Onecoin Network. Sadly, when you use Google to find more information about Onecoin products and opportunities your met with mostly negative… Continue Reading


Bitcoin Activist Tells All About Onecoin

bitcoin activist

In the latest take down attempt this obvious “bad actor” is none other than a man from Poland named Piotr Piasecki. This lurking Bitcoin activist did the old one two on Onecoin in the below article simply to marinate the… Continue Reading


Bitfinex Exchange Hack Inside Or Outside Job

Bitfinex Exchange Hack

The Bitcoin community is in a huff today because yet another hack has been levied against the decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin. As the reports start trickling in the company does not know whether the huge hack of $70 million worth of… Continue Reading


What Is Onecoin Really About

I have been building my Digital Currency portfolio for many years and have seen enormous gains on a few and some losers as well. I firmly believe that Digital is clearly the future of how money will be transported and… Continue Reading


New OneCoin Blockchain Is Born

new onecoin blockchain

In an amazing and almost epic turn of events, the Onecoin management lead by Dr. Ruja Ignatova is laser focused in being the world reserve cryptocurrency of the world by introducing the new Onecoin blockchain. The new blockchain will be… Continue Reading