Dr Ruja Ignatova Is Going To Jail Says Fake News

dr ruja ignatova

Well, that is what the latest headline from the Bitecoin website espoused. I have long ago pledged myself to avoid reading these slanted one sided websites for this reason. It is just another example of fake news dramatizing a situation… Continue Reading


Alt Coin Gibberish From Fake News

alt coin fake news

It appears that the huge fake news planet is up to its old tricks once again, but when you take a moment and look under the hood, the ultimate straw-man Alt Coin boogieman is at it again folks. The millions… Continue Reading


Onecoin Press Release Reveals More Fake News

onecoin press release

A bevy of Onecoin press release articles have been added to the Onecoin official website. If is more crystal clear evidence that Onecoin is in a viscous unmitigated war with anti-onecoin factions on the internet. According to the Onecoin press… Continue Reading