Dr Ruja Ignatova Is Going To Jail Says Fake News

dr ruja ignatova

Well, that is what the latest headline from the Bitecoin website espoused. I have long ago pledged myself to avoid reading these slanted one sided websites for this reason. It is just another example of fake news dramatizing a situation… Continue Reading


What Is Onecoin Really About

I have been building my Digital Currency portfolio for many years and have seen enormous gains on a few and some losers as well. I firmly believe that Digital is clearly the future of how money will be transported and… Continue Reading


OneCoin Ponzi Scheme Reported By Coin Telegraph

It is a very good day if you support or own the alleged OneCoin Ponzi Scheme according to the obvious Bitcoin shills over at Coin Telegraph. I assume the 2+ million members in the OneCoin Network is starting to get… Continue Reading