Onecoin Sales Still Exploding

onecoin sales

It is a non disputable fact that Onecoin/Onelife is clearly on track to become the largest direct selling company in the world, passing network marketing giants Amway & Avon respectfully. Onecoin sales have continued to build and grow even in… Continue Reading


Onecoin Merchants Expanding Rapidly

onecoin merchants

When Dr. Ruja Ignatova mentioned last year that 2017 would be the year for Onecoin merchants she was not kidding. Onecoin and the Onelife network (advertising arm of Onecoin) has established a never seen before E-Commerce website that is expanding… Continue Reading


Dealshaker Launches To Rave Reviews


Long gone are the days when people, mostly mad bitcoin groupies, talk negatively about the mighty Onecoin. It has been a bumpy road at times in the global growth of Onelife/Onecoin, but through it all the company has always delivered… Continue Reading


Onecoin Latest News Excites Many

onecoin latest news

I must admit it has been extremely fun watching and reading the Bitcoin Buffoons try and explain away the Onecoin latest news the past few weeks. The Bitcoin propaganda blogs and websites have been on overdrive vomiting on their blogs,… Continue Reading


Onecoin IPO Set For Early 2018

Onecoin IPO

The much anticipated Onecoin IPO information by Dr. Ruja Ignatova has finally been released. You can view the 10 minute video below to hear the latest on this very exciting development from Onecoin/Onelife. Onecoin IPO Information Released After listening to… Continue Reading


Onelife Members Closing In On 3 Million

onelife members

Onelife members who are the network marketing arm of Onecoin is closing in on 3 million ACTIVE MEMBERS. Onelife members are considered active when they purchase an education package. People who have joined the Onelife network without purchasing an educational… Continue Reading


OneCoin Exchange Up And Running

onecoin exchange

If you spend any time online reading buffoon bloggers trying to mislead people about Onecoin, one would think the newly released Onecoin Exchange does not even exist. Is it odd that almost 100% of negative articles and information online is coming… Continue Reading


OneCoin Investigation Is More Gibberish

onecoin investigation

The world knows that October 1st 2016 is the official launch of the new Onecoin blockchain and all coins will be doubled. It is also the start of phase II of company growth that has the world buzzing. Of course… Continue Reading


Onecoin Welcomes Weshare Into Network

weshare community

The global expansion of the Onelife network is at an all time high with the addition of the WeShare community. The 75k people in that network couldn’t have picked a better time to join the Onelife network. With the new… Continue Reading


Any Real Onecoin Competition Not Much

onecoin competition

If you are doing your due diligence about Digital Currency these days it is very clear that any real Onecoin competition is fading rapidly. Whether it be the slowly eroding Bitcoin dinosaur or the latest decentralized Digital Currency known as… Continue Reading